A Positive Digital Existence: The Biggest Ways Technology Impacts the Average Person’s Day-to-Day

Technology is one of the biggest advancements and developments of the 21st century. When you think of innovation, you most likely just think of the umbrella term ‘technology’ and that’s the only thing that comes to mind. You don’t necessarily think about how your phone is the thing that you followed to get you somewhere earlier that day or that the car you drive that runs completely on electricity is what got you safely to the gym in the morning. You often oversee just how much technology not only impacts the average person’s life but actually touches every person on a daily basis.

Now, you will know the more common instances, such as phones and cars but there are other things you do every day that are based on technology, which you take for granted and that is exactly what this article aims to shed light on.

Online Gaming and Entertainment

One of the areas that you might not know all too much about is the world of online gaming. Did you know, that online gaming is one of the biggest forms of entertainment in today’s digital age? There are so many different categories that fall into this topic and you might not even notice that it’s things you engage with every day.

Just think about where you play your music or how you watch music videos. You guessed it, YouTube. This platform is only available due to the rise of technology, without improvements in software, it would be impossible to find your favorite artists’ new songs. Or even pure gaming, such as FIFA, DOTA or even casino games – you’d have no idea what to do during your free time if technology didn’t give you access to such epic forms of entertainment in the form of gaming. Every time you log into your PlayStation, tell Alexa to play a song off your Spotify playlist or hum along to your iTunes subscription, remember that these are all forms of technology and without clever developers, none of this would be possible.

Research and Laws

Another area that has been significantly improved since the rise of technology is the availability people have to research and understand legalities, all around the world. As you most likely know, one of the least visited places in today’s digital world is the library. For a while there, people were so excited by the allure of online interfaces and tech, that they not only forgot about places they’d visit for information, such as a library but even forgot to put crucial information into the web.


There was a time when Google Search did not exist and the Internet was mainly for selling things. Thankfully, that has changed, with many authority sites coming up online, ones that ensure that the information they post is well-researched, fair and accessible.

Through this upgrade, people all around the world have been given an equal chance to information. In settlements where libraries are perhaps not so common, individuals might have suffered to gain access to sources that they needed, especially when it comes to general things such as laws. With the Internet and the rise of data packages that people can use or even with Wi-Fi, suddenly an entire world of information has been made available to people all across the world. As you know, ‘knowledge is power’, therefore, if you want to have a chance at succeeding in this world, you need to be able to research things and protect yourself with information surrounding laws and legalities.

Remote Work and Education

You might not have thought about this one but technology plays a huge role in your work and education life. Nowadays, many people work from home at a remote job or even study from home, which is great and comfortable but many forget to thank technology for this ease of living. Without the durability of laptops and desktops that have come to be since the rise of tech, working and studying from home would have been impossible.

Another thing that technology has done is it has created many clever apps and features that people can use, whilst being at home.


Think about the apps you opened today to get in touch with your boss or co-workers: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Time Tracker and Google Drive. These apps and pieces of software have allowed you to stay in contact with your team whilst also allowing you to time your work and keep track of every task you completed that day. Without these special programs, it would be impossible for employers to keep an eye on their workers and it would also be a rather unfulfilling experience for employees, who thrive when they receive a gold star or see a task done, on an app like Asana.

As you can see from the above, technology has not only affected your every day but has integrated itself so much into your routines, that without tech, you might feel quite helpless. It is clear to see that technology has surely done a number in this 21st-century world and up until now, things seem to be going rather smoothly. As tech advances, with artificial intelligence and virtual realities cropping up more and more, only time will tell whether or not these smooth sailings will continue or not.